There are a number of organizations and governmental agencies that are important to our membership. We encourage you to learn more about these groups and support their efforts whenever you can. For our members and guests who are sportsmen/women we suggest reviewing the information provided from Mass Wildlife. Staying informed on the issue and information pertaining to shooting and hunting is very important…these links will help you in this effort.

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The Stockbridge Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. is a proud affiliate of the National Rifle Association. Click here to visit the official NRA web site.

Since 1871 the NRA has been the world’s foremost firearms safety training organization and guardian of your Second Amendment rights. Club Members and visitors to this site can join, renew or give a membership at a discounted price. Join Now.



Our state organization is GOAL, which stands for Gun Owner’s Action League. They are one of the leading advocates for protecting and promoting the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners in Massachusetts.

The Stockbridge Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. is a proud affiliate of the Gun Owners’ Action League. Click here to visit the official GOAL web site, or click here to download a membership application (PDF).



The National Shooting Sports Foundation [NSSF] represents this interests of everyone involved in shooting across our nation.

NSSF leads the way in advocating for the industry and its business and jobs, keeping guns out of the wrong hands, encouraging enjoyment of recreational shooting and hunting and helping people better understand the industry’s lawful products.

Click here to visit the official NSSF web site.

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Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife

MassWildlife is responsible for the conservation of freshwater fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth, including endangered plants and animals. MassWildlife restores, protects, and manages land for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.

Many of our members enjoy hunting, trapping and fishing… Mass DFW is our partner in conservation and works with sportsmen and women all across the state.

Through the effective management of wildlife and habitat, MassWildlife ensures quality outdoor recreational opportunities for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the impressive variety of plants, fish, and wildlife found in Massachusetts. Outdoor skills clinics, wildlife education workshops, presentations, and online resources provide all residents with a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Mass DFW Basic Hunter Education Courses

By state law, all first-time hunters (18 years of age or older) must successfully complete a Basic Hunter Education course before they may purchase a Massachusetts hunting or sporting license. Government issued “certificates of completion” from any jurisdiction are accepted. Minors, 12 to 17 years of age, have separate rules to follow (learn more). While minors are not mandated to complete Basic Hunter Education to hunt, it is one option for minors (15-17 years of age) to purchase hunting license and it is a prerequisite for all minors (12-17 years of age) to participate in some youth programs such as the youth turkey hunt program and the young adult pheasant hunt program.

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