Stockbridge Sportsmen's Club

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Fellow Members,

After forty years of composing the newsletter for S.S.C., the time has come to hand off this responsibility to a new writer. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Max Scherff, a new club member who has graciously volunteered to share his literary expertise with all members. It has been my great pleasure to contact you over the years through this newsletter. I have always felt that communicating with the membership about the ongoing activities at the club are vital to our continued success. Although, since it has been six months since I last sent out a newsletter, and there was no outpouring of dismay from any of you, I hope that does not indicate you have been tossing the newsletter in the trash. I have great confidence in Max, and know he will do a better job as time goes on. With that, I hand over the reins to Max.

Gary Johnston
Newsletter Editor Emeritus

Greetings Members!

I am sure you can all imagine the Herculean task I have, following in the footsteps of Gary Johnston, your longtime newsletter editor, and co-founder of the club. To say those are big tracks to follow would be a gross understatement. However, I will do my utmost to pick up where Gary is leaving off, and maintain the integrity and import of the S.S.C. newsletter. It will be my pleasure to get to know you all in the coming months and years at the club and events throughout the area.

Max Scherff

Newsletter Editor in Training

It is a great privilege to announce in my inaugural newsletter, that the Club has officially purchased approximately one hundred acres of land adjacent to the existing property, along the northwestern boundary. This purchase brings the total acreage to just over two hundred acres, and helps protect our Club from potential encroachments. We would like to wholeheartedly thank those involved in the extended negotiation and purchase, led by our immediate past president, Wayne Slosek. Special thanks also go to our attorney, club member Jack E. Houghton, Jr., whose diligence and persistence saw us through some difficult issues. We must also thank the Skorput family, who were the previous owners, for their patience and generosity throughout the process, most especially Peter, who acted as point man for the family.

We were able to pay the $53,000 cost from our treasury, but as a result, we are requesting the membership to step up when paying this year's dues by including an additional donation to help replenish our coffers. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. We are suggesting a $50 or $100 contribution if possible, which can be noted on the renewal form below. We have always sought to keep our dues at a minimum while keeping the Club operating. This one-time extra gift can help ensure that the Club will not have to raise dues in the coming future.

Club News

  • S.S.C. President Rob McDermott, who doubles as our Fire Arms Safety Instructor extraordinaire, has announced the next NRA Home Firearms Safety Course. Scheduled for Sunday, December 10th, from 9am - 1pm and at a cost of $80 per person, the course is family friendly and encouraged for anyone in need of an FID or LTC card, or just in need of a refresher. Rob can be reached at: 413-441-4582 or via email at:
  • Archery co-chairman John Mange is pleased to inform members of the Winter Archery Leagues. The Adult signup begins Friday Jan 5th at 7pm, for the first session of the 300 Round League. Youth signup begins Jan 6th at 10am. The Animal League starts on Wednesday, January 10th at 7pm.
  • Once again, we need meat donations, especially venison and deer shanks, for the annual Game Dinner scheduled for a date to be announced in March. Please contact Marc Fadding at 413-441-4249 to donate.
  • A friendly reminder to all Club Members to please do your part and keep the ranges clean. Each and every member has the responsibility to ensure that they leave the Club in better shape than they found it. The dumpster behind the Clubhouse is the proper place for disposing of targets, plastic shell casings and any other debris from your target practice. It is NOT the responsibility of any other member to clean up after anyone else.

News from the Summer

  • Spring Derby Winners:
  • o Largest Trout - a 4lbs, 6oz. Brown by John Herrington, Richmond
  • o Largest Bass - 3lbs, 5oz. Largemouth by John Nemec, Westfield
  • o Largest Pickerel - 3lbs, 12oz. by John Jones, Lee
  • o Largest Bullhead - 1lb, 5oz. by Seth Slemp, Lee
  • o Raffle Winners - Blake Cella from Lenox won $250, Steve Gonzalez from Egremont won $100, Don Schneyer form Stockbridge hit $50. Congrats to all our winners!
  • Our Skeet Team was sadly defeated by the notorious Sheffield Club by just two birds. Lookout next year - the S.S.C. team is out to reclaim their rightful spot at the top!
  • Once again, the 30-Day Sweepstakes was a successful sellout netting a record high for the Club.
  • The Memorial Horseshoe Tournament in honor of our good friend Charles "Chucky" Bragdon was a well -deserved tribute to a great friend and member of our sporting community. He is missed by all of us.
  • Our Buckhorn Archers awarded the first scholarship to Hannah Korte, a deserving senior from MMRHS.

Max Scherff
Newsletter Editor